Swiss Machining

Jul 19, 2016


Swiss Machining

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Swiss machining was first designed to create watch parts that needed to be extremely precise.  In today’s world we use Swiss machining to make parts be up to ten thousandth of an inch correct to design.  For many fields were exactness of the parts used is critical you will find the need for Swiss Machining.  The higher quality leads to a higher price in comparision to other types of CNC machines.  You can expect to pay upwards of $170,000 for a medium sized swiss machine.  Small “hobby” machines will be in the $50,000-$70,000 range.

Swiss machining combines the two machining processes of lathes and mills into one unit while adding a secondary rotating drum.  Newer machines also have multi axis control available.  If you are looking to specialize your CNC machining skills to those of a Swiss machinist you will need to become familiar with extremely small numbers of errors and learn to design around that.

Swiss machines are primary found in industries were exactness over speed is needed.  Aerospace, space, military, and  many more are common industries that skilled swiss machinists are needed.  Not all CNC schools will offer swiss machining training and you should contact the program director about what is actually taught before enrolling in a program to become a CNC operator.  There also continue education programs that offer certifications in Swiss machining that usually will require 6-12 months of training to complete.

Here is a great video by Ganesh Machiniery on how a Swiss machine works.

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