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New Mexico Machinist Training

New Mexico has a very interesting market for Machinists.  Sandia Nation Labs and Los Alamos labs thats north of Santa Fe pay some of the highest salaries in the nation for machinists (80k-100k) though in order to get these positions you will most likely need to get a BA in mechanical engineering alongside your training in CNC.  Most jobs are geared to prototype machining using techniques that makes the most accurate tooling.  With that only CNM offers machining training.  UNM sub campuses are considering adding a machining program but as of yet no details have been released on if they will add the programs.

Central New Mexico Community College


  • Associate of Applied Science – Machine Tool Technology


  • Machine Tool Technology (36 Credit Hours)

University of New Mexico

Degree *3 classes for CNC machining

  • Bachlors of Science – Mechanical Engineering